Well…I did it…I guess.

Well, I did it…I guess. I finally left him. Almost four years later. Four years filled with laughter, and lies, love and untouched promises, racing hearts, and broken hearts. Alcohol ruins everything. Everything I once saw in my fiancé is now torn away and ripped apart. Those love letters he once wrote mean nothing. Those laughs and smiles once worn are lies now. All I see now are empty alcohol bottles. I smell the stench of it on his breath, and hear the names he calls me on his tongue. The funniest part is, he is the one with the problems and the “demons”, yet I’m the one who’s suffering. I, the one who carried him through, day by day, tried to build him up piece by piece, am the one who actually needed the building. I am now the one left with an empty heart, tears in my eyes, pit in my stomach, and a broken home I have to live in.

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